The Team


Mr Jack Ng
Group CEO

Mr Jack Ng has been in this industry since the start of his career and led the following developments:

  • Putting together an excellent executive management team
  • Assembling a team of highly skilled engineers
  • Integrating a high-quality production system
  • Acquiring state of the art equipment and facilities

Devoted to the evolution of packaging technology, Mr Jack Ng is always looking to improve product quality, customer care and success. He constantly reviews and evaluates the work process to ensure corporate regulations are met and that the company is socially and environmentally responsible. Mr Jack Ng is keen on shaping the of values and standards of G-Pack to maintain a positive work place.


Mr William Yin
Executive Director

One of the founders of G-Pack, Mr William Yin has been in the packaging industry for more than 20 years, ever since he graduated from college. He was serving on the management board of a cardboard enterprise before he joined G-Pack in 2009 as a managing director. He has led the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that G-Pack protects the environment and complies with health and safety regulations. Mr William Yin ensures that all projects taken on by the company are beneficial to all stakeholders for sustainable development.

Mr Vincent Gu
Executive Director

Mr Vincent Gu was one of the founders of G-Pack in 2009. Having been in this industry for more than 40 years, Mr Gu is extremely experienced in all things printed and packaged. He believes in prioritising client’s needs and having a transparent management system. A well-respected expert and mentor in this field, Mr Gu provides strategic advice and guidance, encourages constant feedback and growth for all stakeholders.

Ms Julie Xu
General Manager

Ms Julie Xu has been with G-Pack since 2010 and was the managing the business team. She is now head of the Business department as well as the Quality department. Ms Julie Xu is dedicated to business development, maintaining customer relationship, and is always seeking to improve the quality of G-Pack’s products and services. 


Mr. Ryan Lieu

Mr. Ryan Lieu is Director of G-Pack Vietnam. He’s a veteran in the paper mill industry and has many years of experience in managing packaging business.

Ms Dinh Lieu
General Manager

Ms Dinh Lieu is General Manager of G-Pack Vietnam. She graduated from Monash University and is an integral part of the senior management team in Vietnam.