G-Pack is adamant about being environmentally and socially responsible. Our business model revolves around being sustainable in a world with ever-changing challenges.

To protect the environment, G-Pack uses environmentally friendly supplies and constantly optimise processes to reduce waste. From ink to paper supplies, we work with suppliers who are compliant with relevant legislative requirements. We take pride in using plant-based ink, recycled paper and supplies that do not contain restricted substances.

All materials used by G-Pack and our suppliers are tested regularly by accredited third-party testing bodies. We constantly look for greener production alternatives – we bring in equipment that have been proven to use less water and energy thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Redundant processes are removed to further reduce energy consumption. We make sure our logistic partners employ green shipping methods while distributing our products worldwide. In cleaning our machines and factories, we use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. Our product designers have been trained to reduce packaging material consumption as much as possible without compromising on quality, as we believe that reducing consumption by even a small percentage for each product adds up to a significant amount during mass production.

We encourage ideas from staff and partners to help us in this endless quest for process improvement.